Hermès Bijenkorf- Alice and Wonderland, Amsterdam

The Alice and Wonderland theme is evident in the visualization, though Van Eijk’s primary inspiration came from the idea of ‘the gift of time’ (Hermès’ theme for 2012).

This playful concept represents the window displays at Amsterdam’s luxurious de Bijenkorf department store.

Live Virtual Catwalk at Gucci, Milan

“Via Montenapoleone is one of Europe’s most prestigious retail destinations so I wanted to amplify the luxuriousness of the boutique’s environment through natural light and space to create an aesthetic, which is complementary to the vision of the House today,”

explains Giannini.

The store includes 50 pieces of ultra thin LCD screens scattered throughout the store

that show live virtual content .

The customers are also capable to interact with these videos by searching for items, and send them to they mobile devices!

Villa Moda- Thee! Ultimate Marketplace

For a couple of minutes we’re going to let ourselves enjoy a middle-eastern dream.. 

Completed in 2008, Villa Moda showcases the rich artisan ship of local craftsman, motifs and techniques, re-interpreted with Western eyes.

Located in Bahrain, Villa Moda includes brands such as:

Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Bottega Veneta, Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci and Fendi

The souk includes heavily patterned walls..

… mannequins with mirrors in place of heads.

… and pearl decorated walls!

Designed by Marcel Wander

WONDERS indeed!

Gucci Museum- Italy

If you guys thought Chanel was bold for creating a couple of exhibitions, Gucci has actually built a museum in Florence, the center of Art and Beauty.

And if you think this space was already amazing then you’ll be happy to know that

you could also enjoy a cup of coffee whilst reading your favorite book, as the “museum” includes:

… a Gucci Cafe

… a bookstore

… and an Icon Store that sells limited-editions products designed by Giannini

Karl Lagerfeld- Christmas Dreams of Far Away

Back in 2011, Printemps Paris’ mega department store windows have been filled with holiday displays by Karl Lagerfeld.

Christmas Dreams of Far Away– the presentations enact holiday scenes from legendary cities that Karl Lagerfeld has chosen as a source of inspiration.

The cities include: Moscow, Venice, Paris, Los Angeles, Biarritz, New York, London, Shanghai, Tokyo and the Cap d’Antibes.

Culture Chanel- Le Train Blue Exhibition 2013

“Fashion does not exist in dresses only. Fashion is in the air, borne upon the wind, we feel it, breathe it, it is in the sky, and on the street, it is everywhere, it has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.” – Gabrielle Chanel


Culture Chanel exhibition has the purpose of creating a language  that goes with Gabrielle Chanel’s timeline.

16 January – March 3 2013