Be Dazzled at Victoria Quarter, Leeds

Last week I’ve had the chance to visit Leeds and be truly “Dazzled” as they call it by Victoria Quarter!

VQ represents a great mix of fashionable brands and amazing arhitecture, 

that takes you back in time!


Lively Italian Elegance, by Prada

Maybe I have been watching too many fashion shows or I have been researching too many

catwalks, but can’t help admiring the elegance that Prada brings in~

~ Straight from Milano, for you, the art lovers~

Winter’s Still Around, Prada Paris

Prada corresponds to the icy cold temperatures that surround the West of Europe nowadays

by staying in style with these elegant yet “chilly” window displays!

The best thing about doing an internship in Paris is being able to walk the streets taking in

all the style and fashion that is literally thrown at you..

..and Prada is the walking proof!